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When people fall in love, they often dream about the house and children. Marriage seems to be the last aim of the love. It is more wonderful when couple prepare to welcome a little member in their life. The moment, when women know they prepare to have a baby, is one of the happiest moment for them and their family.

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When women are having pregnancy, most of them are curious to know the sex of their baby. Knowing the gender of their baby is beneficial for them to decorate their baby’s room or buy some cute clothes for their baby. Some women often apply some folk methods, which spread from generation to generation, to predict gender for their baby. However, there are many secrets that develop around the prediction of baby genders.

Chinese Gender Prediction Chart:

According to many legends, Chinese Gender Prediction Chart was buried in a royal tomb, which was near Beijing over 700 years ago. Chinese gender chart has accuracy of 90% if people know the way to use. This prediction is applied widely in many countries although it was considered as superstition in the Western. When people use Chinese Gender Prediction, they should notice the Chinese lunar calendar because Chinese Gender Prediction Chart is based on from it.

Firstly, the women have to provide what their age at the time of conception was. Then they have to give the month, when their baby conceived was. With these information, the calendar will determine the baby’s gender.

Because it is simpler, cheaper, easier than ultrasound, the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart is still used widely by everyone.

Here is the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart
baby gender prediction Chart
Gender Prediction based on carrying High or Low

Carrying High or Low gender is one of the old methods since many previous periods. This prediction is based on the way that women are carrying their baby. According to some olden opinions, the woman can expect a cute girl if she is carrying a baby “high”. If she carries a baby “low”, she will welcome a boy in the future.

Old “Scientific” Method of Gender Prediction

Some women can predict the gender of their baby based on the baby’s heartbeat. The theory states that if the heartbeat of baby is below 140 beats per minute, the woman will welcome a boy. A girl has a heartbeat 140 beats per minute or above. However, while this method is quick and easy, there are no scientific evidences, which state that this prediction is accurate.

Other Methods of Gender Prediction:

Gender Baby Prediction Test

Using Ring for Gender Prediction

Some women use wedding ring to practice gender prediction test. They will dangle a wedding ring over their belly to do this test. If the ring moves like a pendulum, a boy will expect to be born. They have a chance to welcome a girl if the wedding ring swings in a strong circular motion.

Food Cravings

According to folklore attitudes, baby’s gender can be determined from what kind of foods, which the woman is craving. She can expect a boy if she likes salty and spicy foods. She will have a girl if she likes sweeter foods.

Whatever the gender of baby is, expectant mothers have to keep their spiritual life be comfortable to welcome a cute baby. Their life will open a new page after their baby are born.

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  1. reading this article makes me more vigilant in expecting for a baby boy starting from the chinese gender predictor,the food cravings and the high or low position of the baby..i had just entered the 3rd trisem yet my babyʹs gender havent been clearly identified,hope this was true

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  5. hello
    my birthday 24 12 1981 so shall i consider my age in chart 31 or 32
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